In the event of a disaster data backup is an important element of a proper disaster recovery plan. However a good data backup is not the only vital element, how about the people who use these data and information systems that you protect? What happens to your staff? They will not be able to resume their work unless an alternative site is provided for them. Now that all your data is intact you need to resume operations immediately, however, if the disaster displaced your staff from their offices that might not be possible. You will need a proper work site for your staff at that point to able to carry out the normal operations of processing sales, purchases and receiving calls from clients. Well, worry not at MJP technologies we have an excellent training facility that provides a perfect work site alternative for your staff.

Out training room has a capacity of holding over 40 people. It provides an excellent educational and meeting environment. There will be a computer for each user running Microsoft Windows 7 as well as a projector and a sound system for the incredible instructor presentations. It has the following additional amenities:

  • Power Outlets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Restroom

Our training facility will save your organization from any interruption. Your staff will be conveniently relocated and we will restore all your critical data, business applications and network. We offer the best recovery center at our training facility at MJP Technologies and an efficient and streamlined relocation process. Your business will be able resume operations in no time.

Resume Operations Instantly

You do not want to lose any customers, therefore in case of a disaster you need to be able to resume your operations immediately. Some of the unexpected disasters that could hit your organization include earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, power failure, industrial action, civil unrest and many more. These disasters could happen at any time and your business is not immune to them. At MJP Technologies we offer the most affordable work site alternative you can find.

Perfect Working Environment

The MJP Training facility has all the tools you need for your business to pick up its operations exactly where you left. Major disruptions can be very costly for your business and the recovery time may be long. In the mean time you need to continue with normal operations or else your customers will walk away. Our training facility at MJP has the perfect working environment with meeting rooms and office spaces. We also offer business support to ensure your productivity is not compromised through any interruptions to your business.