The MJP Technologies Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is among the most reliable across the globe. We have the most affordable rates and our technology comes with other useful features.

Many organizations and people need to understand what VoIP services are all about. Well, the MJP Technologies VoIP service allows the making of telephone calls through a high speed internet connection rather than using the old phone line that was analog. It works through the conversion of voice communication into digital data and then it is transmitted via the internet.

The MJP Technologies VoIP service has the following amazing features:

  • International or Long distance calls
  • Free calls within the network
  • Maintain your existing and current phone number
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voice mail
  • Caller ID
  • Management of online Account

Connecting your phone to the internet

We will provide you with a phone adapter to connect your existing home or office phone with to the internet. Once this adapter is plugged into your internet network, then you can start dialing and enjoying our VoIP services. You can also use the softphones much like Skype where you use your computer as a phone. We will provide you with an application for your phone or you could use any other internet enabled device such as your Smartphone or tablet.

Cheapest international call rates

Most businesses and individuals are choosing the MJP Technologies VoIP services as the best alternative because of its reliability and cost effectiveness. You will be able to get the cheapest rates for long distance or international calls as well as low monthly charges. Our VoIP service has excellent features that you would never find in a regular phone service. It also costs less to set up our VoIP service for your organization or home.

We offer the best service plans for your business, whether you prefer a month to month or annual service plan. Making international calls can be very expensive, but using our VoIP service you will get unlimited minutes to make calls internationally.

Live customer support

If you need a virtual or toll-free number for your business, we will gladly provide you with one. We have the most friendly customer support service that ensures that our customers’ concerns are fully addressed. Get the live customer support that is top class. The regular phone service is too expensive, especially for large enterprises that need to make many local and international calls.

Bring down the costs of making calls in your organization significantly by choosing the MJP Technologies VoIP service.