Your office environment no longer needs the old style physical desktop PCs, now that there is the hosted virtual Desktop solution from MJP Technologies. The MJP Technologies hosted virtual Desktop will considerably bring down the cost of services and applications. Our hosted platform provides all the functionalities you would find on a regular desktop. Straight from your thin client, iPad, laptop or current PC our data centers will give you access to all the data and software you need through a secure stream.

The traditional model cannot provide for you the kind of IT infrastructure that we have at MJP Technologies. Our Virtual Desktop service is not only sophisticated but also responsive. Plus, our virtual desktop service is going to save you tonnes of money you would have spent setting up your own in house infrastructure.

The MJP Technologies virtual Desktop solution has the following benefits:

Workspace Portability

Your staff will be able to transfer their personalized desktop workspace to any device anywhere. This will help in improving the productivity of your staff.

Enjoy cloud services

You will enjoy all the benefits of our cloud services through our virtual desktop solution. PC costs will be significantly reduced when you use our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Reduced Costs

Our virtual Desktop solution will help you bring down costs of purchasing and maintaining IT hardware and software.

Our experts at MJP will help you in the development and operation of the workspace environment of your choice. It takes just a couple of hours to activate each hosted virtual desktop. This means that you can instantly begin working. The inclusion of other exceptional features, software and computing power is also simple and quick. The great thing about all this is that you only purchase what you require for your organization.

The next big thing after server virtualization is the Virtual Desktop. The virtual Desktop is a kind of computing that is server based where several operating systems, both unique and isolated are hosted on a single server or multiple servers.

The MJP Virtual Desktop environment has the following benefits:

  • The current PCs will have a prolonged life span
  • Boosted protection against viruses and malware
  • Increased Uptime of desktop PCs
  • Secure data and server backup
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Simplify the work of IT staff
  • Support for global workforce
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs and capital
  • Replacement of Desktop PCs by thin client Devices

Our experts will help your organization to configure all server and network capacity requirements as well data storage needs to help you migrate seamlessly to our virtual desktop environment. Contact us today and get the best  and unique Virtual Desktop server for your organization.