The latest software versions tend to be full of bugs. There is increased stability when you use the same reliable software and avoid constant upgrades. However, this conservative approach would only make the cost of future upgrades more costly as you would be a number of versions behind. At MJP Technologies we offer the necessary hardware and software upgrades for your IT infrastructure.

Hardware and software upgrades

Most new PCs are quite affordable nowadays and many already have the most recent version of windows 7 installed.  Upgrading to the most recent software versions using windows 7 as a base is much easier. Therefore, if you have a new PC and you need it to be upgraded with the latest software, then head straight to MJP Technologies. We have professionals who will offer you the best advice on the latest and most software and hardware upgrades you must have. If you are looking to upgrade the software used in your organization’s PCs, then you are at the right place.

32-bit to 64-bit operating system

Most people are not sure about making that significant jump from 32-bit to 64 bit operating systems. Upgrading to the 64 bit operating system may cause some program incompatibility issues. Therefore, you need the expertise of the MJP Technologies professionals to help you figure out how to make that jump. We will handle any program incompatibility issues swiftly and accurately.

Cost effective Upgrades

Taking too long to carry out the operating system and hardware upgrades may the process much more complex. Much of the software will be written for the 64-bit operating systems as we head into the future. Therefore, this may explain the need for planning for both hardware and software upgrades. Being left so much behind will prove to be very costly in the end. If you partner with us at MJP Technologies we will ensure that you always have an up-to-date system in your computers.

Lack of upgrades can be costly

Let us take a practical example, for instance, your organization has a document management system that only works with windows XP and is incompatible with the recent versions of windows operating system such windows 7 or 8. If windows XP is no longer available you will spend tonnes of money replacing all the machines in your organization. Performing upgrades on XP may also lead to program incompatibility issues and your software may not work. Even performing updates on your anti-virus application may lead to the same. Therefore, you need the expertise of the MJP Technologies professionals to help perform upgrades that will not have any negative impact on your normal operations.

Lack of regular upgrades may also expose your system to more malware attacks and hacking. In the end you will have no option but to perform an upgrade on your system. Our professionals at MJP Technologies will help you in planning ahead to ensure that your new environment is compatible with all your critical applications.

Server Upgrades

We also carry out server upgrades for organizations that need to migrate to the 64-bit architecture. The new server system has more powerful processing capacity for vital database operations and sophisticated queries. This is particularly important for the large enterprises because it provides room for expansion, improved security and operational benefits. Contact us today we have the necessary upgrades for your IT infrastructure.