Now more than ever before, growing businesses are being targeted by cybercriminals. A greater percentage of business networks have been infiltrated via email by viruses, Trojan horse or worms. At MJP Technologies our data centers have active spam firewalls that filter spam and viruses for our clients. There is no better solution you can find out there. We have a spam filtering system that is thoroughly analyzed to monitor and block the most recent threats on the internet on a 24/7 basis.

We have installed thousands of spam firewalls across the globe and data is collected and analyzed at our data center. The spam and virus definitions are created from the data collected and are automatically updated. Each hour our servers are automatically updated to ensure that your email is filtered using advanced technology.

The MJP Technologies Spam Filtering service has the following benefits:

  • Less consumption of bandwidth
  • Users will also get increased bandwidth when spam is blocked prior to reaching your network. This will lead to increased productivity and reduced internet connection expenses
  • Get increased performance and quicker response by lowering your email server load
  • Increased email server protection from viruses infiltrating your network
  • Our hourly Anti-spam updates guarantees your security
  • Free Mail server monitoring

The MJP Technologies Spam Filtering service has the following exceptional features:

  • Eliminates the need for any hardware or software installation on your servers
  • There are multiple Spam Firewalls in multiple locations that the MJP Technologies spam filtering runs on
  • Our spam filtering service is simple and quick to deploy
  • Our integrated Spam filtering service will not only protect you from spams but also viruses, spyware, spoofing and phishing
  • Mail Server Denial of Service (DoS) protection
  • Support for Encrypted Email
  • Automatically set up the per user quarantine accounts as well as the daily quarantine digest emails
  • Email addresses and domains per user allow or block lists
  • In case of server downtime we provide over 90 hours of mail-bagging
  • Free mail server monitoring and notification
  • Excellent support personnel who are not only technically competent but friendly. They will provide with all the advice you need based on the technology and how can have it deployed sooner rather than later

Contact us today at MJP Technologies for the most reliable and secure spam filtering service. The security of your email is critical for your business therefore block the threats before they get to your network.