The MJP Technologies Software as a Service solution hosts several applications that are available to our clients over a network basically the internet using our software distribution model.

There has been a significantly huge demand by many companies and individuals as well for the software as a service solution. Well, we at MJP Technologies now deliver Software as a Service to our clients by moving to the cloud. Therefore, it is now more affordable to access enterprise level software for both companies and individuals. Our clients have gotten true value and saved money by utilizing our software production model and on-demand licensing.

The MJP Technologies Software as a Service model has the following benefits for our clients:

  • Stress free administration
  • Increased Compatibility since the same software version is used by all users
  • Improved and simplified collaboration
  • International accessibility
  • Management of patches and automatic updates

The increasing maturity of the fundamental technologies that support Web services have made the MJP Technologies Software as a Service model more popular. All around the globe, there has been increased availability user access support through broadband service.

On demand computing software delivery model as well as Application Service Provider (ASP) have a close relationship with the Software as a Service model. We host every commercially available software and deliver it across the web for our clients.

Software as a Service is different from Software as a Product because the latter involves the purchase and installation of software on personal computers. The MJP Technologies Software as a Service solution allows you to access proprietary software straight from the cloud.  We have the most pocket friendly subscription rates and a variety of applications that your business needs at our data center.

Adopting the MJP Technologies Software as a Service model has several advantages for your business:

 It is Cost Effective

Our Software as a Service model is not capital intensive and will save your business from the in house IT infrastructure operational and maintenance expenses. This can help your business to kick off quickly with our fast deployment.

Scalable Service

As your business grows, so will the number of users in your organization. Our Software as Service solution is scalable, meaning that increase your subscription as you require. This is much better than wasting money on purchasing more software licenses and extended your on premise server capacity.

Increased Accessibility

Accessing the MJP Technologies Software as a Service numerous applications requires only an internet connection and a browser. You can access the applications straight from your mobile devices, laptops or PCs.

Easy Upgrading

Your IT department will worry less about carrying out hardware and software updates. Therefore, they can direct their expertise to improving other areas of your business such as integration. All the hardware and software updates will be done by our professionals.

Resilient Platform

Our software as a Service solution is hosted on the cloud platform therefore in the vent of a disaster you will be able to resume operations quickly from any location. This is because all your data and applications are securely backed up.