At MJP Technologies we provide small, medium and large enterprises with hardware installation services as well as computer consulting services. We have got a great technical team of certified engineers who have the wealth of experience to carry out any client or server based network implementation. We also offer solutions for network related problems, for instance workstation access, data loss, recurrent network connectivity problems, virus or spyware attacks. However, partnering with MJP Technologies will be such an advantage because now we will manage your network servers for you without your enterprise having to incur huge expenses.

A regular desktop PC and a server are not the same as most of us would imagine. The technology that has gone into the design and engineering of a server is not the same as that of your desktop PC. Generally a desktop PC will run the server operating system because it meets the minimum hardware requirements, however it still does not qualify as a true server. Even if the desktop PC and the server have similar specifications it still would not match the capabilities of a true server.

A server is much more reliable than a typical desktop PC because its design enables it to run 24/7/365 processing, sending and managing data. The following are some of the great features that you will find in the MJP Technologies servers:

  • Multiple processors
  • Redundant hard drives
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Replaceable Components
  • Quick processing speeds

At MJP Technology our experts in server solutions ensure the smooth running of your networks so that your enterprise can achieve the following:

  • Top security of your network and files

Network security comes top when it comes to the functions of a file server. The prevention of unauthorized access to data stored on the network can be done through the assigning of rights to the created group or individual accounts.

  • Dependable and reliable network

The MJP Technology servers are designed to run throughout with minimal or no disruptions. To ensure the smooth running our servers have been equipped with redundant power supplies to get rid of any downtimes. The MJP Technologies server storage systems are given the most technically advanced support by our certified engineers. Data loss is prevented through the use of RAID configuration on multiple hard drives.

Resource sharing and centralized data backup

  • Management of Viruses

Contact us today at MJP Technologies we have all the server and network solution every organization needs.