There is an increased exchange of electronic data and files for organizations, both internally and externally. The pace of communication is increasingly rapidly in today’s digital world. Different departments need to exchange data internally within the organization as well as externally with associates and dealers. Large file transfers can be a huge challenge without a proper strategy for the organization.

Cloud based secure file transfer

Some FTP connections could be quite exorbitant and difficult to manage for specific departments. They could also make the security of the organization vulnerable. Too much reliance on email by your staff to transfer important business data only increases the vulnerability of your organization. It is difficult to rate the success or failure of each file transfer due to limited visibility. The risks involved are extremely high and could have a negative effect on your business. The MJP Technologies cloud based secure file transfer service provides a well-managed file transfer environment.

Large File Transfers

The MJP Technologies cloud based secure file transfer service has an incredible messaging service that enables large data transfer management for organizations. Through one secure connection all your organizations’ communications will be consolidated and audited using our secure file transfer service. Our main aim is to get rid of any file transfer challenges your organization may be facing, deliver for you a cost effective, fully optimized and most of all secure file transfer service.

Properly managed File Transfer environment

Our secure file transfer service is the key to the success of your business. The MJP Technologies business integration network, enables the establishment of a single secure connection. We will manage everything from the connectivity, network protocol, the movement of files to Intrusion detection and overall security. We guarantee seamless connectivity with all your associates and dealers across several security certificates and protocols.

Cost effective File Transfer Service

Our cloud based secure file transfer service is much more cost effective than using in house file transfer solutions. You will not need any in-house IT infrastructure therefore eliminating any need for maintenance costs and IT personnel.  You will have a secure, private and fully audited file transfer service. We also provide a 24/7 support for all our clients.

Scalable File Transfer Service

You will increasingly need to collaborate and connect more with your partners and our cloud based infrastructure provides a scalable file transfer service to help you meet this need. Say goodbye to charges for document delivery with the best collaboration tools from MJP Technologies secure file transfer service.

Talk to our professionals to find how you can integrate the MJP cloud based secure File transfer service for your organization.