In case of any kind of disaster you can be rest assured that MJP Technologies Online Backup solution will safely secure all your vital data, files and documents.

All the local data from your PCs and servers are securely backed up using the MJP Technologies online back up without affecting your IT infrastructure. Our cloud based service will allow you to sleep soundly knowing that your critical business information is secure even in the event of a major disaster.

Purchase the storage capacity you need

Hardware malfunction can cause loss of critical data backups, archives and corporate documents. However, by using the MJP Technologies off-site high-tech data center to store data your safety is guaranteed. We offer a scalable online backup solution. You will only purchase the backup capacity your business requires. Therefore, if you have the extra backup capacity that you do not need, you can remove or add if you need more.

The MJP Technologies online backup solution has the following advantages:

  • It brings down the cost of storing data and managing backups
  • It provides quick restore
  • It performs both local backup and off-site backup. The off-site backup is important, especially during data recovery while the local backup is for rapid restores
  • We provide infinite data storage capacity for you as well as data processing without any server overload dangers.

Customized online backup solution

Every business is unique and that is the reason our experts at MJP Technologies consult with our clients to create a customized solution for that suits them. Our online backup solutions are deployed quickly. We only charge for the storage capacity and the duration you have used it.

More and more businesses are choosing the MJP Technologies online backup solution because of the following benefits:

  • Gets rid of backup hardware needs
  • Considerably brings down the cost of backup
  • Secure off-site data center
  • Regular automatic backup
  • Quick restore of data
  • Increased data availability 24/7

Managing your own data center can be such a headache, especially in terms of costs. We offer as a secure and reliable online data backup service. Our advanced technology is the best disaster recovery solution for small, mid-size and large enterprises. Business continuity can only be facilitated if data protection is guaranteed.

All your backups can be monitored by you through a web browser. Once your data has been de-duplicated, it is compressed and encrypted then transmitted to our secure data centers vaults. There the data is safe and available whenever you need it contact us today for the most reliable, scalable and robust online backup.