The productivity of your business can be negatively impacted by malfunctions of IT infrastructure such as your servers and networks. This can add to the frustrations of managing your business and lead to losses. At MJP Technologies we provide reliable on-site PC server and network support. If you partner with us, we will visit your premises at your convenience and carry out all the repairs right there as you watch. We could as well collect your hardware and do the repairs straight from our own workshop.

Whether you have a small, medium or large enterprise, we can address all your server and network needs. You need to worry about managing other areas of your business and allow us to manage your server and network problems on your behalf.

The MJP Technologies on-site PC server and network support has the following benefits:

  • You will have the privilege of having our experts as part of your IT department
  • Our service will help your business cut down costs of network monitoring and maintenance
  • Your network will also be protected from any catastrophic network disasters that could be costly
  • Your organization will enjoy increased Uptime, less disruption and increased performance
  • Your network support budget will be more predictable because we will protect your networks and servers from any costly unexpected malfunctions
  • Increased security for your data
  • Increased productivity because you no longer need to worry about the maintenance of your PC server and networks

Proactive network maintenance

The MJP Technologies proactive network maintenance service provides a reliable, efficient and secure IT infrastructure for all your PC server maintenance and network administration needs. Our experts will provide your organization with the unlimited support for your servers and networks along with powerful security tools and backup for your data. Our maintenance service is the complete package that you need for all your PC server and network problems.

We will become your full time IT department for your organization and we will manage as many servers and computers as you have, The great thing is that our services come at the most pocket friendly rates compared to employing your own IT on –premise IT personnel.

Proactive network support

At MJP Technologies we also offer proactive network support for small enterprises. We help these enterprises with regular on-site network monitoring and server support. Even if you have fewer computers you still need an efficient server and network support.

We offer you all the fundamental elements of PC server and network monitoring and maintenance such as updates, Operating system server and anti-virus management. We will help your IT department with all your network and system administration needs.

Contact us today at MJP Technologies we have the right experts who offer the most reliable on-site PC server and network support.