At MJP Technologies we offer offsite back up among our disaster recovery solutions to help your organization achieve its recovery time objectives (RTO). Our offsite back up provides top security for your data, ensuring the restoration of complete files for our esteemed clients.

In order to reduce the cost and time of recovery you need to prepare for any loss of critical data and application.  The MJP offsite backup is highly encrypted to ensure top level security. You will able to sleep soundly with the knowledge your data is safe and secure in the best managed environment.

The MJP offsite backup has the following amazing features:

Full File Recovery

The MJP offsite back up allows for the full recovery of specific files as you require. You can do it yourself or get assistance from the MJP professionals anytime.

Efficient Backup

MJP Offsite and remote data backup is the most secure way to back up your data in case of service disruptions. Our private network is highly protected and cannot be accessed by any third parties. Therefore, your data is safe with us.

Thorough Encryption

In order to protect your sensitive data from exposure we provide end-to-end data encryption from the source to the entire backup grid all through the MJP private fiber network. Therefore the security of your sensitive information is high and robust.

The MJP Technologies Offsite backup has numerous benefits including:

Prevent Critical Data Loss

The MJP offsite backup will help your organization prevent service interruption or loss of critical data during a disaster affecting the entire data center. Your organization will be able to resume its operations in no time and all the data will be securely restored.

Smooth running of Operations

We provide secure Offsite backup for your network servers that your common business transactions depend on. Our offsite backups are at remote secure locations safe from any kind of disasters. Our secure offsite backups are also safe from cyber threats therefore all your sensitive business information is safeguarded. Our offsite backup for your servers is easy to configure and customize for your business.

Robust Security

When data is transferred from your server to ours, it is highly encrypted and accessing the data would need the decryption key therefore the safety of your data is highly guaranteed.

Affordable Offsite Backup

We provide the most affordable rates for backing up as much data as you may require for the protection of your business data.  Plus in a matter of seconds, you can restore all the data stored in our servers with the necessary encryption keys and passwords.

The continuity of your business is highly dependent on our secure and reliable offsite backup solutions therefore contact us now!