The MJP Technologies cloud based network monitoring system is unlike any other. It is affordable, easy to utilize, infinitely scalable, well detailed with incredibly robust security features. The reasons your business needs the MJP Technologies cloud based network monitoring service are the following:

  • Elimination of network outages
  • Increased server Uptime
  • Revenue generation through increased Accessibility

The MJP cloud based network monitoring service has an automatic smart alerting system. You will be able to get email, text message or phone call alerts whenever any levels fall below or exceed the set thresholds. Therefore, any peculiar events on your network are routed to you informing you of the nature and the time of the error and what steps your IT personnel should take to address the issue appropriately.

Secure Network Monitoring

Our cloud based network monitoring service is the most secure you can find. We take seriously the security of your critical business information. The MJP Technologies cloud based monitoring service will not expose your systems to any security risks. This is because the data collected is encrypted and transmitted on a  one way connection to our secure servers. You can sleep soundly with the knowledge that on your end you do not need to make any configurations, updates or patches because our cloud based network monitoring service covers all that.

Smooth running Network

The smooth operation of complex networks can be a daunting task for IT personnel. With the help of our cloud based network monitoring service your IT personnel will be able to meet the huge demand for smooth running networks in your organization. The MJP cloud based network monitoring can be deployed quickly because it does not have any infrastructural needs. Networking monitoring can begin in a couple minutes after installation.

Save Money and Time

We have the most affordable and predictable cloud based server monitoring rates. You will not incur any capital or operational costs because you will not need to purchase any hardware. Our solutions will not require any infrastructure change, saving you not only money but also time.

Network Performance Assessment

Get a clear assessment on the performance of your network by using our network monitoring service. Our solution will prove extremely reliable, especially during disaster recovery as well as business continuity. You will be able to address any network issues promptly. Find out how your network is performing from anywhere all you need is to log in. Getting a clear insight on your network performance will give more flexibility to focus on other important projects for your business.

Contact us today at MJP Technologies and get the best cloud based network monitoring solution for your business.