Monitor and respond to alerts for backups and server services – on a good day we notify the customer the issue has been resolved before they even know there was an issue!

Here is how we do it:

  • Provide onsite/remote/helpdesk support for client-server/network infrastructure
  • Patch Management for Server, Workstation, Laptops
  • Monitor hardware/software remotely, send email notifications on failures/warnings
  • Provide backend management of infrastructure to ensure smooth operations

Backup/Disaster Recovery:  

When we get a call/ticket that “I lost my file/folder” or “Can you go back a couple days before I overwrote the file…”, and of course when a server completely dies and we have to restore from scratch.

The progress of your business depends on the disaster recovery solution you have and its efficiency. We, at MJP Technologies, provide businesses with unique customized disaster recovery solutions. We use the software as well as hardware technologies that ensure there is the least disturbance in your business operations.

MJP Technologies Disaster Recovery solution considers both the virtual and physical environments, to ensure that the applications, as well as the critical data, are protected appropriately.

Disaster Recovery

  • Business continuity planning
  • Provide image-level backups of physical or virtual machines on a highly customizable schedule
  • Provide the ability to quickly “VirtualBoot” any backup onto dissimilar hardware or directly to VMware ESX/vSphere Environment
  • Recover entire server/workstation, or mount backup images to restore individual files
  • Offsite replication to multiple cloud providers is available

Onsite and Offsite backup, disaster recovery:

  • failover to cloud option
  • instant 24-hour recovery options
  • rollback after ransomware attack


It might just be adding a switch to expand the network (we typically outsource the cabling if it’s more than a few drops), or making an existing network more efficient, as well as a complete overhaul – new hardware, cabling, conversion from PBX to VoIP.

We also do a lot of troubleshooting of Wi-Fi and wired networks, which can lead to the above.

  • Providing support for basic home networks and scaling to enterprise-class data center networking
  • Design/Implement/Maintain customer networks
  • Diagram/Document customer networks with Visio and other tools to portray visual representation of environment

The MJP Technologies cloud-based network monitoring system is affordable, easy to utilize, infinitely scalable, well detailed with incredibly robust security features. The reasons your business needs the MJP Technologies cloud-based network monitoring service are the following:

  • Elimination of network outages
  • Increased server Uptime
  • Revenue generation through increased Accessibility

The MJP cloud-based network monitoring service has an automatic smart alerting system. You will be able to get an email, text message or phone call alerts whenever any levels fall below or exceed the set thresholds. Therefore, any odd events on your network are routed to you informing you of nature and the time of the error and what steps your IT staff should take to address the issue appropriately.

Physical and Virtual Infrastructure

Whether it is maintaining an existing VI or VDI or converting from physical to virtual, or just optimizing a VI, we all participate in the best possible solution.

Following are our USPs

  • Design/Architect physical and virtual server infrastructures
  • Provide routine maintenance and regular monitoring of infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot/diagnose issues with physical/virtual workloads
  • Plan infrastructure upgrades, migrations, and deployments

With Virtual Desktop Interface, we bring down the cost of services and applications. This interface is a time capsule and a shared place. Data is available to all, can be accessed from anywhere, as it is on the cloud.