At MJP Technologies we offer efficient and fast hardware repairs for laptops. Our laptop repairs are carried out quickly because we have a huge inventory of parts for any replacement you may need. We bring a wealth of experience in the IT industry whatever laptop problems you might be facing we probably have solved it before.

Problems with laptop screens are some of the common repairs we handle from cracked screens, to problems with screen backlights. If your laptop screen backlight starts to flicker or simply stops working, then you should not worry, we will help you fix the problem. Other problems related with the screen include vertical lines appearing on the screen, dead pixel clusters, damaged ribbon cable and much more. Whatever the type of screen your laptop has whether it is LED or LCD, we have got all the necessary screen replacements and the experts to fix the problems.

Our expert technician will help you figure out the cost of the repairs. If maybe the best option would be to replace your laptop with a new one you will be advised accordingly. We offer the best rates for laptop repairs at MJP Technologies our affordable prices are the best you can find. We understand the bond you have formed with your laptop and we ensure that repairing it is the best choice you ever made. Contact us today for an estimate of the cost of repairing your laptop.

We will repair screens for the following laptop makes and more:

  • IBM
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Mac
  • Toshiba
  • Compaq
  • Asus
  • Sony
  • Lenovo

The failure of hard drive is inevitable, if you do not know whether your hard drive is failing or not, then you need to look out for the following symptoms associated with a failing hard drive:

  • The Hard drive is noisy
  • You get a blue screen
  • The Computer fails to start or freezes
  • You get messages saying ‘Missing Operating System’

If your laptop has any of these symptoms, then you need to bring your laptop to MJP Technologies to get your hard drive checked or replaced. A damaged hard drive can result in loss of data at MJP Technologies our expert technicians will replace your laptop’s damaged hard drive with a better one with a larger storage capacity. Apart from that we will perform data recovery services for your damaged hard drive. We will also install a fresh Mac or Windows operating system for you!

We also repair or replace damaged motherboards, if some liquid poured on it and caused the malfunction, we will always find a solution for you. We will also help you get rid of any viruses or malware that might have attacked your computer. Our technicians will perform a thorough clean-up of your system. We will protect your computer from hackers or any viruses or that you may pick both online or offline. You will save a lot money from by choosing our laptop repair services contact us today!