Replacing all the essential hardware you need for your organization to run smoothly can be very expensive. At MJP Technologies we offer complete IT solutions for all kinds of enterprises. The technology advancements mean that the technology that we have today may need to be replaced in the near future as it will be outdated. As technology keeps getting better and more efficient, companies will always find a need to upgrade their technology in order to remain relevant. The MJP Technologies hardware as a service solution helps organizations take that huge step of upgrading their IT infrastructure, especially when it appears to be too capital intensive.

Maintaining Outdated Technology Costly

Any enterprise, whether small, medium or large will find upgrading and maintaining their IT infrastructure, both hardware and software a bit of a challenge. This is particularly a common problem with the small and medium business who often lack the capital required to carry out upgrades, repairs or replacement of malfunctioning hardware parts. Most of the small and medium enterprises may not realize that in order for them to remain competitive this might actually be a necessity. Trying to maintain old and outdated technology might prove to be very costly and would affect the efficiency of your business leading to losses.

Turn Capital expense to Operational expense

At MJP Technologies we offer hardware as a service at a fraction of the cost you would incur in purchasing or by leasing a similar equipment.  Instead of having huge capital expenses in equipment financing you will now have it as an operational expense. We will always maintain your IT infrastructure, keeping it updated and upgraded by replacing any obsolete technology. This is good for your business and will definitely have a positive impact on the overall productivity of your business.

Cost effective hardware update

Keeping your IT infrastructure up-to-date through financing or leasing computer hardware is such a costly practice. However, by using the MJP Technologies hardware as a service you can eliminate such huge capital expenses and still have the latest technology in your IT infrastructure, both hardware and software. We have all the hardware you need, including workstations, servers, routers, switches and many more. You will benefit from up-to-date software   licensing and the latest hardware replacements without incurring a huge debt. The MJP Technologies managed services agreement will take care of the costs of the hardware. Instead of trying to play catch up with technology let our experts at MJP Technologies worry about getting you the latest technology. This will be good for your budget and will make your business very competitive.