The MJP Technologies cloud based file sync solution is what organizations need to modernize their staff collaboration experience using the infrastructure they currently have. Our cloud based file synchronization solution is great because of the following reasons:

  • There will not be a need for any propriety repository for migrating or moving data from the current file shares.
  • For those users who still use the Common Internet File System (CIFS) through mapped drives seamless collaboration is still possible
  • Access controls such as file system Access Control List (ACL) and the Active Group User are strictly followed by our cloud based file sync solutions
  • Capabilities for data management and protection are maintained
  • The protection of your existing IT infrastructure investment

Left your documents at home!

The MJP Technologies cloud based File Sync solution is perfect for anyone who has the problem of leaving behind important things like your conference presentation on your desktop computer or your laptop at home miles away. Our file synchronization service will save you from any element of disorganization you may have.

Get access to every important current file from your computer or any other internet enabled device such as your tablet or Smartphone through our file sync service. The files could include music, photos, documents or any other.

How the MJP File Sync works

At MJP Technologies we offer an affordable file sync service all you need is to sign up for an account. We will then provide you with the file synchronization software to install on your computer. Select all the files and folders that you need for syncing and a copy of the same will be made by our file sync service and backed up online. Any local changes made to the files will be updated automatically on the copy stored online. Get access to your documents from any other computer or Smartphone by simply logging into our file synchronization service. You will get the most recent copy of your document.

Therefore, with the MJP Technologies cloud based file sync service, leaving important files behind will become a thing of the past. Now you do not need to send yourself every document you are working on to your email. All you need is an internet connection to gain access to and retrieve all your documents.

Improved Collaboration

Our cloud based file sync service has great collaboration features for your organization.  It enables some level of sharing such that uploading of files to a shared location can be done by multiple people.

The MJP Technologies File Sync service is great for business professionals who are always very busy, anyone who might need to work from home sometimes, travelers or anyone who is fond of storing documents in their emails. Contact us today!