The MJP Technologies email archiving solutions saves and indexes every message making them searchable. There will be a quick response to e-Discovery requests and audits. You will also be able to recover any deleted or lost files. Our email archiving cloud based solution will also assist in intellectual property protection.

Reliance on electronic communication

The need for preservation and management of data for businesses has been increasing rapidly. In most cases it is a legal and regulatory obligation to protect vital business information just as much as it is important to do so. Businesses nowadays almost rely entirely on electronic communication. Therefore, there are a lot of critical business information and data that needs securing such as contracts, sensitive conversations and many other important data.

Searchable Emails and Attachments

The MJP Technology cloud based email archiving solutions allows the secure capturing of all emails both sent and received. Your full text of emails will be searchable as well as attachments of over five hundred types.  We adhere to regulations of support compliance and carry out discovery requests. We offer you infinite storage capacity for as long as you need. Our service is the most cost effective email archiving solution you will ever find. You only subscribe for the capacity you need.

Quick access to historical emails

Archiving all your emails will give you access to all the data you require and could help in sound decision making. Since you never you save every message. However, when you will need to know you will search every message. In a couple of seconds all the data you need will be available.

You can get the MJP Technologies email archiving fully integrated solution which includes email security, continuity and archive or you could take the standalone email archiving service. Your unique business needs require a secure and scalable email archiving solution.

No Hardware maintenance

Our email archiving service will free your IT infrastructure because of our unlimited storage capacity distributed geographically in several of our data centers. There are no startup costs in deploying our service. Get access to your email whether your server is offline through our built-in email continuity. Our advanced search features makes location and access of historical email simple and fast.

Contact us today at MJP Technologies our professional will offer you advice on the kind of email archiving solution that suits the way you do business.