The future of your business depends on the efficiency of the disaster recovery solution you have in place. In fact, without a proper disaster recovery solution your business may be forced to close down in the event of a disaster. At MJP Technologies our job is to provide every business from small, medium to large enterprises with a unique disaster recovery solution. Our state-of-the-art technology will ensure that there is minimal disruption in your business operations.

  Simple Disaster Recovery solution

The virtual and physical environments are both taken into consideration by the MJP Technologies Disaster Recovery solution. This ensures that the entire system, including applications and critical data are adequately protected. The disaster recovery infrastructure is difficult to set up and manage sophisticated storage platforms and heterogeneous servers. The MJP Technologies disaster recovery service eliminates all these complexities and provides disaster recovery from a single console.

The MJP Technologies Disaster Recovery solution has several benefits for your business:

  • Flexible disaster recovery options on a single integrated platform
  • Business Continuity improvement
  • Cloud based off-site disaster recovery extension
  • Quick recovery with virtual environment recovery enhancements
  • Reduced cost and duration of disaster recovery

Important IT operation

The loss of data and application breakdown can have an overwhelming impact. The top businesses have made disaster recovery one of the most important IT operations. Most businesses face unforeseen natural disasters, unplanned breakdowns and intrusions. In order to increase the agility and availability of your enterprise you must put into consideration the migrations, scheduled updates, mergers as well as the unforeseen natural disasters and breakdowns.

Disaster Recovery readiness

You need an affordable, integrated and flexible disaster recovery and business continuity solution. MJP Technologies efficient disaster recovery solution will eliminate the risk of data loss at reduced costs, making your business more resilient in the event of a disaster.

In order to demonstrate that our infrastructure can recover your vital data and IT systems we carry out thorough remote testing and proving. Our tests will confirm that the successful restoration of data backed up on our servers when needed. In case of a disaster your business will be able to resume operations in a couple of hours.

We have clearly defined strategies to ensure that your disaster recovery readiness is up to standard contact us today.