It is difficult to keep up with all the different vendors’ warranty as well as their support and maintenance requirements of the hardware and software products that make up the infrastructure of your organization. It is expensive and time consuming to constantly follow up on the licenses of equipment and software and to manage the related contracts. The time that you would have spent productively on other more critical business projects will be lost in asset auditing and contract tracking.

At MJP Technologies we need you and your staff to focus on the more critical aspects of your business by making sure that your IT infrastructure, service plans and providers are all in sync.

At MJP Technologies we have a wonderful technical team of certified engineers who will carry out a physical on-site assessment of all your IT infrastructure. You will get a proper review of your datacenter inventory. We will provide you with a report the following after tracking and sorting:

  • Host name
  • Serial numbers
  • Part numbers
  • Location
  • Equipment warranty
  • Equipment vendor
  • Leasing dates
  • Licensing codes
  • Expiration Notifications

Therefore, all the contracts from your multiple vendors will be administered from one point and all the information will be available via the MJP Technologies portal. Both your hardware and software assets will be tracked using our advanced technologies. We will check service levels modify them appropriately, cost of support and also check on contract renewal and termination. Find out more about the technical support, line item information through our MJP Technologies portal. You will get automatic notifications on the expiry, termination and renewal of contracts much earlier.

The critical organizational data, for instance, white papers, internal documentation, information on software and hardware stored securely in a single convenient location using the MJP Technologies content management system. You will also get equipment and business data related notifications and reminders through updates and announcements on our portal. We will securely store all your patches and firmware. You never have to worry about keeping or losing license certificates because we keep all the records of the software that were bought through us.

We have a service team that is available 24/7 to ensure that we provide reliable solutions and work well with your service providers. We ensure that your vendors honor the contracts they have made with your business. All your service requirements will be met to ensure that there is increased efficiency and reduced costs in managing your IT infrastructure.