The inaccessibility, corruption or loss of data can cripple the operations of a business in the current age of information. MJP Technologies offers cutting-edge data recovery technology for lost, inaccessible and corrupt data from various mediums. We have provided data recovery solutions for a variety of industries with much success. We guarantee to securely get your data back by employing only the best data recovery methods. We ensure that you only pay for the data that has been recovered.

Our data recovery services are personalized enabling us to offer targeted services at reasonable rates. We handle the most sophisticated data recovery cases you can possibly imagine. Therefore, relax, we have the experts who will recover all your data there is no need of panicking. The following are some of the causes of data loss that you could encounter:

  • Natural Disasters such Floods, Fire, Earthquakes
  • Hardware Failure, head Crashes, Software and Electronic Malfunction
  • File Deletion
  • Forgotten Passwords
  • Media Formatting
  • Data File corruption
  • Operating System Corruption
  • Attacks by Virus or Hackers

Most of the times human actions may lead to loss of critical digital information. You may accidentally erase or overwrite files, but there is no need to worry, we will help you get your data back in no time. Another scenario is when your hardware is damaged depending on the level of your equipment damage we will do our best to retrieve all the data available. We have succeeded where others have failed and recovered data from hard drives that were otherwise thought to be extremely damaged. We also provide data recovery for laptop drives, RAID arrays and flash devices. Therefore, if you lost your incredible photos, documents or audio files in your small flash device do not panic. Contact our professionals for the best data recovery from compact flash cards and USB jump drives.

Our hard drive data recovery services are globally recognized we have the most experienced data recovery engineers. Our services cover all kinds of media such as optical devices, raid arrays, tape cartridges, servers and many more.  First, we will determine the nature of your data loss with a thorough examination of the media that is damaged or corrupt. This is done in an extremely clean environment. The cost of carrying out the data recovery will be determined once the nature of your data loss has been defined and you will receive a quote. You will get a variety of data recovery options and all your concerns will be addressed by our experts. The data recovery process will only be carried out once you have accepted our data recovery assessment and agreed to the quote offered. Our engineers will get to work and after less than 48hrs that data from your damaged hard drive will be retrieved.

Contact us today at MJP technologies we guarantee the recovery of all your lost data worry not!