The MJP Technologies cloud services have numerous advantages for your organization in terms of increasing productivity and reducing costs of infrastructure. We provide great enterprise level cloud features at the most affordable rates.

Purchase the Capacity you need

There are several benefits that come with using the MJP cloud based infrastructure. For instance, you only need to purchase extra capacity when you actually need it. This ensures that there is no wasted capacity. When you use in-house infrastructure you have to buy hardware and storage devices in advanced and sometimes they can be over-specified. Therefore the MJP cloud based infrastructure will conveniently take care of all your future requirements. If you also have extra capacity that you do not need at the time, then you can hand it back to us.

No maintenance costs!

The MJP Technologies cloud based infrastructure will save you money that you could have spent on maintaining your in house infrastructure. You will not have any hardware maintenance to worry about. This compared to using hosted servers is more convenient because you do not have to do any operating system maintenance.

Quick Deployment of new services

The MJP cloud service enables you to deploy new services quickly without the installation, configuration or platform provision expenses. We perform all the hardware and platform maintenance as your cloud service provider therefore you do not need to support any application with in house infrastructure maintenance.

The MJP cloud services enable you to access data wherever you may be as long as you can access the internet. We offer support for mobile devices and allow data synchronization across desktop and portable devices.  Our cloud services provide excellent data sharing features for users in your organization. When you use our cloud services at MJP Technologies your data is secure and backed up safely. We will help your organization integrate your in-house IT infrastructure with our cloud service seamlessly.

The following are the cloud services offered by MJP Technologies

Focus on business growth

Enjoy improved efficiency and huge economies of scale with our affordable cloud services.  Bring down the overall IT costs with our exceptionally featured and highly distributed cloud service. Instead of laying emphasis on building in house infrastructure that is usually very expensive you will able to focus your resources and energy on projects that make your business grow. Contact us today at MJP Technologies for the most efficient cloud services.