PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange, it refers to a telephone exchange serving a specific office building or enterprise. It is different from the one operated by a telephone company for the rest of the public or numerous enterprises. The internal telephones of an enterprise or organization are connected through the PBX to the (PSTN) Public Switched Telephone Network. There has been an evolution of the PBX system from the hard wired traditional system to the complex cloud hosted PBX system provided by MJP Technologies.

The following make up the hosted PBX system they include the IP PBX and a couple of handset of softphones that are VOIP enabled. The IPBX sever registers with the phones and a connection is established through the IP PBX when a call is made. The softphones that are software based or the cordless phones the purpose made hardware devices are what make up the VoIP phones.

The modern world has needed more and more of cloud technologies. It is now more common to use cloud technology for shopping, banking, paying tax and communicating with our loved ones on social media. The cloud technology tools are convenient because they are simple to utilize and can be accessed from anywhere at little or no cost at all. This would explain the reason for companies shifting to the cloud hosted PBX.

Little or no maintenance

By selecting the MJP Technologies cloud hosted PBX you will not incur any in house IT infrastructure maintenance costs. You will be able to utilize your IT resources more effectively and lay emphasis on projects that boost the growth of your business. Our cloud hosted PBX is perfect for small enterprises with limited technical resources. We offer the best and most professional assistance for installation, management and support for the end user.

When you use the MJP Technologies cloud hosted PBX you are certain that you are dealing with one vendor as opposed to the traditional PBX where you had to deal with multiple vendors.

You can access the cloud hosted PBX from anywhere you can find internet connection since the phone system is not fixed to any physical location. This makes it easy to connect remote workers and multiple offices easily. Every person in your organization can access the same phone system no matter their location. This enables call transfers and easy conferencing with people from different locations. This can be particularly great in case of a disaster when your office may not be accessible. Our cloud hosted PBX will be re-routed to new locations such as mobile or your phone in the house. This will help in disaster recovery because you will be able to communicate with your callers without ever stepping into your office.

The MJP Technologies cloud hosted PBX allows you to utilize only the capacity you require. Therefore as you grow you can purchase more capacity only if you need it. Therefore our cloud hosted PBX solutions are fully scalable.

Whether you have a small enterprise or a large enterprise the MJP Technologies cloud based PBX solutions are the most affordable and reliable solutions for you.