Partnering with the MJP Technologies experts at the beginning of your network planning will make you benefit from our network cabling design and installation service.

At MJP Technologies we offer a variety of network cabling solutions, whether it is fiber optic, data, voice or video over Ethernet as well as electrical power cable installation. We also offer specialist and higher durability cabling. Our experts will provide will all the advice you need for the best cabling solution and will build customized cabling based on your requirements.

The MJP Technologies experts have hands on experience with:

  • Office Relocation
  • Relocation Planning
  • Cable equipment.
  • Office Cable management
  • Data Center Cabling Systems.
  • LAN and Office cabling solutions.
  • Server racks.
  • Complete network Infrastructure.
  • Cable adds and Changes

Maximize network Performance

The MJP Technologies professionals will help you maximize your network performance through our high quality cabling products and efficient installation services. We will offer our support every step of the way from the design concept to the installation. We will carrying out your infrastructure assessment and provide you with correct cabling products and installation service. We ensure that your network gets the highest performance at the most affordable cost that fits within your budget and that we complete the project as scheduled.

Structured Cabling  

Our high quality cabling service will install all the cables, connectors and patch panels in your entire building or from office to office. We have received accreditation from a number of cabling systems.

Relocation of IT infrastructure

The process of relocating your business alone can be very nerve-wracking. Now, what is even more nerve-wracking is relocating your business along with your IT infrastructure. The MJP Technologies office cabling solution allows you to focus on carrying out your other critical business operations while we build a custom cabling solution for you. We will have all your IT infrastructure up and running minimal or zero downtime.

Reliable Cabling solution

We offer a fully integrated cabling solution for your business. Therefore, if you have a new office or you are relocating your business have all the assistance you with cabling. We provide fiber optic cabling for new offices and buildings. We help in the relocation of your organization’s entire workstations and networks. Your relocation will be expertly facilitated through email, telephone, website and internet transfer.

Whatever cabling needs you may have, MJP Technologies has got the right cabling strategy for your business. So whether you have a new office or simply relocating your business, we provide the best cabling solution. Contact us today!