The ability of your business to mitigate a variety of risks will determine its resilience in the world today. The safety of your business depends on the ability of your teams to access all the vital aspects of the functions of your business when they require them. Therefore, to ensure your business is prepared for any eventuality your business needs a broad business continuity plan for a full recovery in case of a disaster. At MJP we offer business continuity plan analysis for your technology reliant business. We help you determine where your plans are lacking through actual simulations.

No business is immune from risk

It is important to know that in case of disaster your staff may have to be relocated and they will need to access all the vital information that makes your business run smoothly. You need to have a customized plan with all systems in place such that you can keep receiving orders, even when all your equipment has been damaged.


In order to come up with the perfect plan MJP Technologies experts will help you come up with several options for Disaster Recovery Solutions. We will find ways of accelerating your RTO (Recovery Time Objective) as well as the time for your RPO (Recovery Point Objective).  RTO refers to how fast the restoration of applications information will be done while RPO refers to the threshold of the amount of data you are willing to lose from the period of your last backup. We will discover customized solutions existing in your current environment. We already have excellent strategies that we have employed for our previous clients. The result will be a reliable and responsive system that we will help you to implement.

MJP Technologies will assist you in planning for the unexpected by taking a variety of possibilities into consideration. We will guide you with the help of our proven procedures and processes in the implementation of a continuity plan that is reasonable, continuous and affordable. Our experts will elaborate how we will get your business up and running. Based on the needs of your business this could take a few minutes, hours or days.

What systems must you protect for your business?

When coming up with a business continuity plan you have to determine what needs protection first. This should be top on your agenda because you have to determine the vital systems and data that your business cannot run without. Our professionals at MJP Technologies will assist in identifying all the applications that are integral in the running of the operations of your business. These are the segments that will be given high priority once you have defined your RPO and RTO.

We have business continuity plans that will suit your organization and fit your budget call us today at MJP and secure your business from risk.