Offsite Backup

At MJP Technologies we offer offsite back up among our disaster recovery solutions to help your organization achieve its recovery time objectives (RTO). Our offsite back up provides top security for your data, ensuring the restoration of complete files for our esteemed clients.

In order to reduce the cost and time of recovery you need to prepare for any loss of critical data and application.  The MJP offsite backup is highly encrypted to ensure top level security. You will able to sleep soundly with the knowledge your data is safe and secure in the best managed environment.

The MJP offsite backup has the following amazing features:

Full File Recovery

The MJP offsite back up allows for the full recovery of specific files as you require. You can do it yourself or get assistance from the MJP professionals anytime.

Efficient Backup

MJP Offsite and remote data backup is the most secure way to back up your data in case of service disruptions. Our private network is highly protected and cannot be accessed by any third parties. Therefore, your data is safe with us.

Thorough Encryption

In order to protect your sensitive data from exposure we provide end-to-end data encryption from the source to the entire backup grid all through the MJP private fiber network. Therefore the security of your sensitive information is high and robust.

The MJP Technologies Offsite backup has numerous benefits including:

Prevent Critical Data Loss

The MJP offsite backup will help your organization prevent service interruption or loss of critical data during a disaster affecting the entire data center. Your organization will be able to resume its operations in no time and all the data will be securely restored.

Smooth running of Operations

We provide secure Offsite backup for your network servers that your common business transactions depend on. Our offsite backups are at remote secure locations safe from any kind of disasters. Our secure offsite backups are also safe from cyber threats therefore all your sensitive business information is safeguarded. Our offsite backup for your servers is easy to configure and customize for your business.

Robust Security

When data is transferred from your server to ours, it is highly encrypted and accessing the data would need the decryption key therefore the safety of your data is highly guaranteed.

Affordable Offsite Backup

We provide the most affordable rates for backing up as much data as you may require for the protection of your business data.  Plus in a matter of seconds, you can restore all the data stored in our servers with the necessary encryption keys and passwords.

The continuity of your business is highly dependent on our secure and reliable offsite backup solutions therefore contact us now!

Customized online backup solution

Every business is unique and that is the reason our experts at MJP Technologies consult with our clients to create a customized solution for that suits them. Our online backup solutions are deployed quickly. We only charge for the storage capacity and the duration you have used it.

More and more businesses are choosing the MJP Technologies online backup solution because of the following benefits:

  • Gets rid of backup hardware needs
  • Considerably brings down the cost of backup
  • Secure off-site data center
  • Regular automatic backup
  • Quick restore of data
  • Increased data availability 24/7

Managing your own data center can be such a headache, especially in terms of costs. We offer as a secure and reliable online data backup service. Our advanced technology is the best disaster recovery solution for small, mid-size and large enterprises. Business continuity can only be facilitated if data protection is guaranteed.

All your backups can be monitored by you through a web browser. Once your data has been de-duplicated, it is compressed and encrypted then transmitted to our secure data centers vaults. There the data is safe and available whenever you need it contact us today for the most reliable, scalable and robust online backup.

Continuous Data Protection

When it comes to the sector virtualization backup, then Continuous Data Protection has become the industry standard. There are fresh challenges of data backup and protection that have been created by virtual infrastructures even though they have helped resolve a variety of problems.

Automatic Backup

Continuous Data protection has a special backup server where every copy of each transaction taking place within the network is stored. The traditional backup tools that only carry out backups up to a particular schedule within physical infrastructures. Therefore, it is only up to the moment the last backup was made that the system can be restored in the event of a disaster.

The Continuous Data Protection approach ensures that in the event of a disaster resulting in the loss or corruption of data, you will be able to access all the information found within your infrastructure.

Mitigate Data loss and corruption

The MJP Technologies Continuous Data Protection solutions do not rely on a backup schedule. Any file changes made by users, within the network on their personal computers, are directed to the backup server. The entire infrastructure’s present state snapshot is captured regularly using our Continuous Data Protection technology. Therefore, at any point in time all the information within the infrastructure should be available. This helps to curb the risk of data corruption or loss.

Whenever anyone makes any modifications to files within your network and saves the changes to a local disk, a copy of the same file is stored in another location securely until additional modifications are made. The regular capturing of modifications made on data is what makes our near Continuous Data Protection amazing. There are just a couple of minutes in the time interval between two snapshots. Whenever you have a system interruption you are guaranteed that the exact replica of your files will be restored.

The MJP Continuous Data Protection not only helps you to mitigate risks of data corruption and loss but, also helps your organization save money on backup costs. You will enjoy the full benefits of virtualization because our Continuous Data Protection uses the byte level change tracking hence takes up less disk space.

This automatic backup is real time, therefore data loss should be a thing of the past. The most critical files that are of high priority can be assigned even three backup locations using the MJP Continuous Data Protection.

Optimize your RPO and RTO

Our Continuous Data Protection solution at MJP Technologies will help your organization in the optimization of the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and the Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Therefore, during recovery you will be able to specify the point in time seconds before the corruption of data that you would want the system to be restored. This will not only save time but also money that would have been spent in trying to recover the data.

Disaster Recovery

The future of your business depends on the efficiency of the disaster recovery solution you have in place. In fact, without a proper disaster recovery solution your business may be forced to close down in the event of a disaster. At MJP Technologies our job is to provide every business from small, medium to large enterprises with a unique disaster recovery solution. Our state-of-the-art technology will ensure that there is minimal disruption in your business operations.

  Simple Disaster Recovery solution

The virtual and physical environments are both taken into consideration by the MJP Technologies Disaster Recovery solution. This ensures that the entire system, including applications and critical data are adequately protected. The disaster recovery infrastructure is difficult to set up and manage sophisticated storage platforms and heterogeneous servers. The MJP Technologies disaster recovery service eliminates all these complexities and provides disaster recovery from a single console.

The MJP Technologies Disaster Recovery solution has several benefits for your business:

  • Flexible disaster recovery options on a single integrated platform
  • Business Continuity improvement
  • Cloud based off-site disaster recovery extension
  • Quick recovery with virtual environment recovery enhancements
  • Reduced cost and duration of disaster recovery

Important IT operation

The loss of data and application breakdown can have an overwhelming impact. The top businesses have made disaster recovery one of the most important IT operations. Most businesses face unforeseen natural disasters, unplanned breakdowns and intrusions. In order to increase the agility and availability of your enterprise you must put into consideration the migrations, scheduled updates, mergers as well as the unforeseen natural disasters and breakdowns.

Disaster Recovery readiness

You need an affordable, integrated and flexible disaster recovery and business continuity solution. MJP Technologies efficient disaster recovery solution will eliminate the risk of data loss at reduced costs, making your business more resilient in the event of a disaster.

In order to demonstrate that our infrastructure can recover your vital data and IT systems we carry out thorough remote testing and proving. Our tests will confirm that the successful restoration of data backed up on our servers when needed. In case of a disaster your business will be able to resume operations in a couple of hours.

We have clearly defined strategies to ensure that your disaster recovery readiness is up to standard contact us today.

In case of any kind of disaster you can be rest assured that MJP Technologies Online Backup solution will safely secure all your vital data, files and documents.

All the local data from your PCs and servers are securely backed up using the MJP Technologies online back up without affecting your IT infrastructure. Our cloud based service will allow you to sleep soundly knowing that your critical business information is secure even in the event of a major disaster.

Purchase the storage capacity you need

Hardware malfunction can cause loss of critical data backups, archives and corporate documents. However, by using the MJP Technologies off-site high-tech data center to store data your safety is guaranteed. We offer a scalable online backup solution. You will only purchase the backup capacity your business requires. Therefore, if you have the extra backup capacity that you do not need, you can remove or add if you need more.

The inaccessibility, corruption or loss of data can cripple the operations of a business in the current age of information. MJP Technologies offers cutting-edge data recovery technology for lost, inaccessible and corrupt data from various mediums. We have provided data recovery solutions for a variety of industries with much success. We guarantee to securely get your data back by employing only the best data recovery methods. We ensure that you only pay for the data that has been recovered.

Our data recovery services are personalized enabling us to offer targeted services at reasonable rates. We handle the most sophisticated data recovery cases you can possibly imagine. Therefore, relax, we have the experts who will recover all your data there is no need of panicking. The following are some of the causes of data loss that you could encounter:

  • Natural Disasters such Floods, Fire, Earthquakes
  • Hardware Failure, head Crashes, Software and Electronic Malfunction
  • File Deletion
  • Forgotten Passwords
  • Media Formatting
  • Data File corruption
  • Operating System Corruption
  • Attacks by Virus or Hackers

Most of the times human actions may lead to loss of critical digital information. You may accidentally erase or overwrite files, but there is no need to worry, we will help you get your data back in no time. Another scenario is when your hardware is damaged depending on the level of your equipment damage we will do our best to retrieve all the data available. We have succeeded where others have failed and recovered data from hard drives that were otherwise thought to be extremely damaged. We also provide data recovery for laptop drives, RAID arrays and flash devices. Therefore, if you lost your incredible photos, documents or audio files in your small flash device do not panic. Contact our professionals for the best data recovery from compact flash cards and USB jump drives.

Our hard drive data recovery services are globally recognized we have the most experienced data recovery engineers. Our services cover all kinds of media such as optical devices, raid arrays, tape cartridges, servers and many more.  First, we will determine the nature of your data loss with a thorough examination of the media that is damaged or corrupt. This is done in an extremely clean environment. The cost of carrying out the data recovery will be determined once the nature of your data loss has been defined and you will receive a quote. You will get a variety of data recovery options and all your concerns will be addressed by our experts. The data recovery process will only be carried out once you have accepted our data recovery assessment and agreed to the quote offered. Our engineers will get to work and after less than 48hrs that data from your damaged hard drive will be retrieved.

Contact us today at MJP technologies we guarantee the recovery of all your lost data worry not!

Email Archiving

The MJP Technologies email archiving solutions saves and indexes every message making them searchable. There will be a quick response to e-Discovery requests and audits. You will also be able to recover any deleted or lost files. Our email archiving cloud based solution will also assist in intellectual property protection.

Reliance on electronic communication

The need for preservation and management of data for businesses has been increasing rapidly. In most cases it is a legal and regulatory obligation to protect vital business information just as much as it is important to do so. Businesses nowadays almost rely entirely on electronic communication. Therefore, there are a lot of critical business information and data that needs securing such as contracts, sensitive conversations and many other important data.

Searchable Emails and Attachments

The MJP Technology cloud based email archiving solutions allows the secure capturing of all emails both sent and received. Your full text of emails will be searchable as well as attachments of over five hundred types.  We adhere to regulations of support compliance and carry out discovery requests. We offer you infinite storage capacity for as long as you need. Our service is the most cost effective email archiving solution you will ever find. You only subscribe for the capacity you need.

Quick access to historical emails

Archiving all your emails will give you access to all the data you require and could help in sound decision making. Since you never you save every message. However, when you will need to know you will search every message. In a couple of seconds all the data you need will be available.

You can get the MJP Technologies email archiving fully integrated solution which includes email security, continuity and archive or you could take the standalone email archiving service. Your unique business needs require a secure and scalable email archiving solution.

No Hardware maintenance

Our email archiving service will free your IT infrastructure because of our unlimited storage capacity distributed geographically in several of our data centers. There are no startup costs in deploying our service. Get access to your email whether your server is offline through our built-in email continuity. Our advanced search features makes location and access of historical email simple and fast.

Contact us today at MJP Technologies our professional will offer you advice on the kind of email archiving solution that suits the way you do business.