eSports is an exciting platform and real opportunity for students to get into careers behind the games, not playing them. Specifically, eSports is a great vehicle to get students interested in game design, programming, and coding. Research shows roughly two-thirds of all high school students identify themselves as gamers who play video games on a regular basis. Students who identify themselves as gamers are 3x more likely to major in a STEAM discipline in college. eSports are 100% gender and ADA neutral, offering a completely level playing field to all who want to compete, regardless of their physical attributes or limitations.

That is why we have partnered with the Carrot Group who design and facilitate custom high school eSports programs like no one else. Whether it is for one school or an entire district, we can develop a dynamic and impactful eSports program that meets your goals.

From helping get the word out about the program with highly creative and impactful materials to expertly running the weekly tournament to managing the Championship with all the fanfare someone would expect from a world-class event.

We design our eSports program to be completely turnkey and the only one to offer career pathway components for students. Highlights include:

  • Develop students’ STEAM technical skills while reinforcing 21st century skills such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • Bring in experts in the video game industry to educate students about computer programming and the various career opportunities within the video game industry
  • Foster and encourage gameplay in accordance with the highest tradition of sportsmanship and consistent with the general objectives of education and social and emotional learning
  • Create state-approved curriculum to develop a career pathway
  • Secure program funding through grant writing

Let us know how we can bring engagement and excitement to your school(s) through eSports.