Laser Etching

MJP offers extensive customizable solutions for branding laptops, Chromebooks and other electronic devices using laser etching and engraving. Laser etching helps deter theft and ensures that you are able to track missing units. We can etch your brand or organization name and logo, along with inventory tracking or asset tagging numbers, on your units.

Organizations such as school districts that deploy thousands of Chromebooks have been extremely satisfied by etching their district logo, asset tags and disclaimers along with their return address on all their Chromebooks.

Laser etching has many benefits including theft deterrence, rules and regulations compliance, branding, asset tagging, etc. Most commonly, laser etching helps deter theft and aids in recovering lost Chromebooks. Many organizations also etch statements such as

  • “If Found, please return to…” or
  • “Company name Property. If this is being sold to you, please contact #”
  • “Company -Ventura County Property. Not for resale”

MJP has experienced staff and in-house equipment in Ventura County to manage thousands of Chromebooks in days. We can do static images, unique asset tags, verbiage, etc. for each Chromebook. Our in-house equipment enables us to etch at most client locations. Prices vary depending on the type of etching, complexity and turnaround time.

MJP etches at a setting that ensures unit warranty remains intact. With over 100,000 Chromebooks etched MJP provides an error free result every time.

We can etch your logo from any vector or format. We initially etch a demo onto a thin flexible plastic and ensure that the placement, size and look meet your requirements. Upon your approval, we etch one of the units as a pilot and make any final adjustments. After your approval of the pilot unit all remaining units will be etched.

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